Dirt Cheap Stores: Find the Best Deals on Clothing, Shoes and More

Anyone who’s ever shopped online knows that online stores offer a ton of bargains on their products. From tank tops to merino wool sweaters, there are so many fantastic deals out there that it can be hard to know where to look first.

We’ve all been there: You find the perfect top at an amazing price in an unexpected place, only to realize a few minutes later that it’s no longer available. These “bargain basement” stores often have limited selection and cheap prices, but you can bet your bottom dollar they won’t have much stock unless you specifically ask for it. That means if you want that perfect top or hoodie, you’ll probably have to buy it from them again and again until you find the perfect one.

That being said, not all bargain basement stores are created equal. If you're looking for great deals on clothing, shoes and accessories (like socks), consider these Dirt Cheap Stores from stores such as Boxed Returns and more.

Boxed Returns

One of the biggest mistakes people make while shopping on Amazon is simply buying anything they can find. That can be a very expensive mistake, and it’s not hard to see why. A lot of products on Amazon are not the lowest price, and a lot of those are not very good products. It’s better to focus on buying something that’s actually worth the money and that’s likely to deliver value for your money. This is where looking for dirt cheap stores online can help you. You’ll often find much better products when you take the time to really look at similar websites such as Boxed Returns. This site is second to none when it comes to finding cheap prices on returned items. Since Boxed Returns sells returned items, it ensures that they don’t cut corners to keep costs down. Boxed Returns operates differently since they sell returned items online which helps with keeping their costs down. This almost ensures that they are not cutting corners. This can tell you a lot about the quality of the product since although it is returned, it’s quality is still top notch.


Amazon is another great option when it comes to finding products at great prices. It is very similar to Boxed Returns when it comes to discounted prices. Boxed Returns items are all returns while Amazon offers a mix of returned items and brand new items. It’s important to stay on top of the latest pricing changes as they’re often the ones that have dramatic effects on the overall price of a product. Amazon often adjusts its prices to account for current events. It’s important to keep an eye out for these changes to make sure you don’t overpay for a product. Amazon also frequently adjusts the prices of certain products to promote certain items. Boxed Returns keeps it simple but Amazon is also another great option when it comes to finding the best possible deals online. Additionally, Amazon has great sponsorships with companies such as EA, Blizzard, and more that could potentially appeal to consumers.


eBay is very similar to Amazon and Boxed Returns in the sense that you can find great prices online but there is one big difference. That difference is that eBay can act as an auction house of sorts. Consumers can bid on certain products which can then bring up the prices on desirable products. Because of this, it is more practical and better for consumers to look for products online at places such as Amazon or Boxed Returns. This is because both have very similar business models while eBay’s is a bit business and focuses on auctions. Regardless, consumers can still find very good discounts and deals on great products very similar to what you would find on Boxed Returns or Amazon.