How to Buy Amazon Returns at a Discount

Are you fed up with overpaying for products? If so, you came to the right place! There are easy solutions to get that expensive item at a discounted price. There are thousands of quality returned items that are being sold for much less than the retail price. Buying second-hand goods is a great way to save money, but also a nerve-wracking experience. Here are some tips on how to buy second-hand Amazon returns at a discount.

How to buy Amazon returns at a discount? Important conditions to know before buying

Nearly 25% of ecommerce sales end up being returned, there are thousands of great deals to choose from. There are multiple ways of acquiring used items online. The first method would be going directly to the Amazon site. Here you can purchase a used item by going to a product listing and selecting the “New & Pre owned from…” price options. The problem with this method is that results for returned items will be inconsistent. Not all Amazon listings will contain used options, this can be a huge time waste for the consumer and a frustrating experience.


A more effective way of finding great deals on returns is through third party retail sites. Amazon hosts thousands of small businesses on its platform through its FBA services, many of these small businesses do not have the capacity to manage their own Amazon returns. That is where returns management companies step in. These companies receive, store, sort, and check each of their clients returned items and relist them on various ecommerce sites, including their own. These vendors tend to be more thorough with their products before selling since they have an incentive to satisfy their client with sales.  

Important conditions to know before buying

When purchasing discounted items they are always separated into categories that determine the level of their quality. Each will have a category for “open box”, meaning  the item is unused but the box was opened or damaged. There will also be conditions for items that are “like new”, this means the item may have small defects, if any at all. Most products will end up having some sort of “very good” condition quality. These items either tend to show small signs of use, have damaged packaging, or have small cosmetic defects. Other than that, companies will have categories for items that are no longer functional or are heavily damaged. For example, Boxed Returns has a set of defined condition guidelines that function exactly as described. To make customers' shopping experience more convenient, companies often assign logos or symbols that represent the condition type.  

Tip #1: Choose Reliable Retailers

There are many ways to check the reputation of retailers. There is always the traditional route of checking customer reviews. You could also read companies mission statements, about us pages, condition guidelines, protocols, etc. In today's age social media has become essential for businesses. Checking to see what the business posts and interacts with on social media can also give you a good idea on whether or not you can trust them. 

Tip #2: Ask more questions in conversation with seller

When you buy second-hand Amazon returns at a discount, being able to communicate with the seller to ensure the product quality is essential. If you are ever uncertain of a return condition, never hesitate to ask the seller. If they are not transparent and provide little information on the product, it is best to take your business elsewhere. 


This advice will also help if you are uncertain of the returns industry as a whole. Having a conversation with a business representative through customer service clarifies how they determine conditions, sort their products, etc. can help you make a decision as to whether or not you should purchase from that company. 


Amazon returns are a great way to get brand name items at a discounted price. Amazon return sellers like Boxed Returns have in depth sorting processes in place to ensure customers receive a product of the quality they were expecting. Do not be afraid to ask questions when purchasing returned items. At Boxed Returns we pride ourselves on having the most consistent condition guidelines process. Check out our site for some of the best savings on your favorite items!