200 Clear Plastic Cellophane Bags with Twist Ties | 4x9 Size | Treat, Candy, Cookie, Gift Bags | Free Shipping & Returns

Sale price$19.99 USD


Our high-quality bags, made out of high grade OPP material, with a very even and smooth cut finish, with our edge sealing technique it is not easy to leak air or damage. odorless and tasteless, safe and a must have in every kitchen/house will help you keep your snack and kitchen products fresh and crispy, with variety of colorful metallic twist ties, you can throw any party and event, such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, holiday packages, carnivals, you can even use them for food samples for your customers, jewelry display and gift wrapping as well, the uses and benefits are countless, our returning customers love them, and can’t have enough of it.
  • Transparent - Crystal clear, high-quality bag - goodie bag contents should appear tempting! | Food Safe - Made of new, food-safe OPP materials that are odorless, and won’t leave any toxic taste or odor | Keep Fresh - Resealable design keeps your snacks and goodies fresh and crispy | Cheerful Style - Comes with variety of twist ties in exciting metallic colors that match any event - from serious adult events to kids parties alike | Party Decoration - These bags will match any decoration setup. Throw parties and events with these and rest assured that they will match!

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