Farberware Set of 4 Variety Size Glass Canister Food Storage Container with Stainless Steel Lids – Beans Cereal Coffee Rice Flour Candy Sugar & More

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Faberware Is the Clear Way to Go! An organized kitchen is a beautiful kitchen. With the Faberware 4 Piece Canister Set in your view, you are poised to bring a new level of class to your kitchen. Our Canister 4 Pack Set is a versatile, resilient set made of high-class material. When it comes to your dining and storing essentials, breaking out a set of novel, easy-care accessories that are BPA free and dishwasher safe is the clear way to go. Outdoor & Indoor Use For Any Occasion! Canisters That Go Where You Go! For the Larger Canisters, the 56 and 64 Oz, Cereal, larger candy items, Rice, and beans are all excellent items to be stored! Planning your organization allows easy customization using our Faberware Canister set! DIM: 64 Oz DIM: 7.5" x 5" 56 Oz DIM: 6" x 5"We have various ideas on how you should best store your food, in case you need a little encouragement, we believe it is best to store fruit snacks and other small candy easily in the 24 & 40 Oz canisters. 24 Oz DIM: 3" x 5" 40 Oz Dim: 4.5" x 5" 4 Useful Jars in 4 Practical Sizes · 2/3 Quarts/ 2.6 Cups/ 24 oz. jar, 8 centimeters tall (about 3 inches) for coffee, tea, spices, salt, sugar and other fine foods. · 1.25 Quarts/ 5 Cups / 40 oz. jar, 11.5 centimeters tall (about 4.5 inches) for things like nuts, seeds, and candy, of course! · 1.75 Quarts 7 Cups / 56 oz. jar, 15.5 centimeters tall (about 6 inches) for whole grains, beans, legumes, and rice. · 2 quarts/8 Cups / 64 oz jar, 19 centimeters tall (about 7.5 inches) for pasta, flour, snacks, and cookies. Airtight Air-tight Air tight


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