KROSNO Tall Water Juice Drinking Glasses | Set of 6 | 18.3 oz | Avant-Garde Collection | Highball & Tumbler Crystal Glass | Perfect for Home, Restaura

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Specification of the glasses from the Avant-Garde collection: Capacity: 540 ML Height: 150 mm Diameter: 79 mm Number of pieces in set: 6 Colour: colorless The highest quality, transparent glass Crystalline beautifully diffuses the light, allowing you to not only look at the contents of the glass, but also to observe interesting effects of light reflection. The Avant-garde line is characterized by elegance and unique style. It combines interesting design and functionality, and the unique shape of the bowl makes it stand out from the entire range. Glass from this collection is ideally suited to the products served, thanks to which it allows you to properly celebrate their tasting. It is worth paying attention to: Elegant design Crystalline glass The KROSNO brand takes users to a world where sophistication, beauty and quality are the most important values. Every day, we enrich the lives of millions of people in all corners of the globe, creating unique glassware for various occasions: alcohol, drinks, serving dishes, as well as decorative and gift glassware. We are inspired by the lives of modern people, but let's not forget about history and tradition. Ideas come from the diversity of the places and people that surround us. We value simplicity and minimalism. As a result, our glassware is a perfect complement to all kinds of interior designs.

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