Alpine Mop and Broom Holder - Wall Mount with 6 Hooks - Durable Garden Tool Holder with 5 Slots - Free Shipping and Returns

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Are you looking for a better way to organize your brooms, mops, and other cleaning tools? The Alpine Industries Mop And Broom Holder is the perfect solution to hold your tools securely within easy reach. Install it in a utility closet, laundry room, basement, garage or shed to organize your cleaning tools, sports equipment, lawn tools and more. Measuring 16 inches wide, the wall-mounted holder is durably constructed using plastic material to serve you well throughout the years indoors or out. This plastic construction is easy to clean with a wet cloth when needed, and is furnished in gray to seamlessly blend in with any existing decor. Providing ample space to store and organize multiple cleaning tools, the Alpine Industries is equipped with five slots designed to grip handles. You simply need to push the handles into the self-adjustable mounting slots for tidy storage and pull them out for retrieval. For added convenience, the Cleaning Tool Holder is also outfitted with six retractable hooks for hanging tools, dusters, dustpans and other supplies. Quickly and easily mount the Mop and Broom Holder using the six supplied screws and screw anchors onto any wall, door or flat surface. This hanging design keeps all of your cleaning tools organized in one convenient place, making it easy to locate them when you need to tidy up. Additionally, it keeps items off the floor, reducing clutter in the home while prolonging the lifespan of your cleaning tools at the same time.
  • GOODBYE MESS. The Alpine Broom Holder is the go-to for a mess-free place. It includes five slots fo

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