Quality White Wooden Kids Hanger Luxury Design Chrome Swivel Hook

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Hangers come in different shapes, designs, sizes, and different materials. Some are plastic, others of a metallic ore while even having ones made of wood. Yes, there are wooden hangers! Will the hangers support the weight of the clothes? Most definitely yes. Our specially designed hangers are of solid wood construction that ensures the product is durable and sturdy. They can even hold those bulky winter coats that always prove to be a hassle for a place to keep them. Such a feature is what gets you value for your money when you buy our 10pack of premium and high-quality white wooden hangers. Long gone are the days of having bought baby hangers that are a size or two too big or too small. Our wooden hangers are of the perfect size for any toddler's clothes. This is because of our unique dimensions of 13 inch and 14.5 inch hangers. The size of our hangers provides the optimum hanging capability to fit any dress, shirt, or even those cute little onesies in the baby's wardrobe. The swivel hook is chrome plated to avoid rusting. This facilitates and perfectly complements the wooden hanger's durability property. The hook can rotate at a 360-degree angle which offers you easy access to the clothes without having to unhook them from the closet. By using wood as the primary material in our hangers, we, therefore, offer a distinct design to our clients. The treated timber and masterfully cut edges are sanded to get rid of any roughness. The smooth finish thereby protects your hands and clothes from splinters or ripped seems. Quality production is our primary goal and with it comes with the concern of protecting our clients from external damage or injury. Get yourself this fantastic ten-pack set to spice up your closet. Add to cart.


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