Ashanti Naturals White Whipped Raw Shea Butter | Unrefined African Shea Butter | Creamy Moisturizer for Easy Application - 15 oz

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Check out our creamy african unrefined shea butter. It's the perfect body butter for women dry skin. The shea body butter is not whipped butter, but acts as a body moisturizer for dry skin. It's a shea butter body cream, or a shea butter body butter, however you prefer to call it. The natural body butter contains raw shea butter for the ultimate in shea butter hair products for natural hair. Alternative for yellow shea butter organic or shea butter raw organic. There's not much of a difference between the white african shea butter raw organic and the yellow organic shea butter raw unrefined, it's just a color. So come try out our shea butter moisturizer for hair, shea butter face moisturizer, shea butter yellow for happy hair and happy skin! Our shea butter for skin and shea butter for face is 100% shea butter. The shea butter cream is yellow shea butter raw, real african shea butter. You'll love our shea butter moisturizer skin pure body butters. Ashanti Naturals Shea Butter, Creamy Unrefined Shea Butter Body Moisturizers, Face Moisturizer for Women - African Shea Butter for Hair Moisturizer for Dry Skin, Body Skin Care Products (White Creamy Shea Butter (15 Ounce))
  • Raw, Real, Pure - 15 oz creamy white raw shea butter is 100% Natural Shea Butter for more effective body, hair and skin care. Unrefined shea butter raw with no additives or artificial processing preserves the natural nutrients to give your body the love it deserves. | Beautiful You - Unleash your natural beauty with African shea butter. Contains natural nourishing and moisturizing abilities to enhance dry, damaged, curly, coarse and frizzy hair. Effective body moisturizers, dry skin face moisturizer and hair moisturizer for black women. | Natural Protection - Raw white shea butter contains na

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