Belwares Mixing Bowls with Lids Set - Nesting Bowls with Graters, Handle, Pour Spout, Airtight Lids - Stainless Steel Non-Slip Mixing Bowl for Cooking, Baking, Prepping, Food Storage (Set Of 3) (Red)

Sale price$24.02 USD


This large mixing bowl set is an all-in-one kitchen bowls set. You can measure, mix, pour, store, grate or anything you want directly with these mixing bowls for kitchen. The grating insert is extra convenient because everything goes into the stainless steel mixing bowl and doesn’t make a mess. Mixing bowls stainless steel are necessary in the kitchen, because they are so easy to clean. Get yourself a stainless steel mixing bowl set. It’ll make your life so much easier. Or, if you were searching for baking gifts for a baking hobbyist, this set of kitchen essentials will be just the right gift.

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