Diamond FX Neon Face Paint - White (45 gm)

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Diamond FX Neon White looks normal under daylight but glows intensely under black light. Great for night events, clubs and parties where black light is very trendy these days. Diamond FX Neon Face Paint is a strongly pigmented wax-based face paint that gives great coverage that lasts all day without cracking or fading. Works great with minimal amount of water. Perfume-free and gentle on skin. Maintains density and brightness even when applied over other colors. Tested in the Netherlands. Diamond FX Neon White contains cosmetic grade ingredients and hence have relatively less black light effect than other colors. Diamond FX Neon Colors are not recommended for use around lips and eyes. Avoid contact with upholstery, carpets and fabric. Comes in 45 gm stackable container. 45 gm containers can be screwed together for easy storage.

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