Breyer Horses 2022 Holiday Collection | Stirrup Ornament - Snowbird | Model #700323

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Snowbird- 2022 Holiday Horse Stirrup Ornament23rd in a collectible seriesEnjoy our stunning 2022 Holiday Horse, Snowbird, in ornament form! A gleaming silver-toned stirrup surrounds a detailed miniature of Snowbird. His pearly grey coat is decorated with beautiful blue and gold costuming and a feathered headdress, along with a spray of evergreens.With an indigo gem dangling from the top of the stirrup, Snowbird is a festive sight to behold!Presenting Breyer’s 26th Holiday CollectionNow in its 26th year, Breyer’s holiday collection celebrates the cheer of the season, the joy of giving, and the love of horses. Through realistic sculptures with hand painted details, timeless collectables, and unique items that make gift-giving a little bit easier, Breyer’s holiday collection brings the wonder and magic of the horse to all.From the Manufacturer:Breyer is the maker of the world's finest model horses! Since 1950, Breyer has brought a wide range of horse breeds from around the world to life for play and collecting - including real horse heroes like racehorse Secretariat, Olympian Valegro, and reining superstar Big Chex to Cash!About Breyer: the Breyer promise - the Breyer “promise” is the commitment we make to you, Our fans. With Breyer, you are getting a real horse of your very own. Whether a traditional best-seller or brand new product, every Breyer Horse is created by hand, under the watchful eye of the world's leading equine experts. Our commitment to high quality material and hand crafting mean that just like in nature, No two Breyer models are exactly alike. Because nothing is as magical as having a horse of your very own. Quite simply, we want to help everyone discover how inspiring horses can be.
  • 2021 Breyer holiday horse stirrup ornament - Snowbird. Enjoy our stunning 2022 Holiday Horse, Snowb

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