Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads 10ct pack (Lemon, 3)

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STONG & EFFECTIVE | Brillo Steel Pads are loaded with powerful grease fighting soap and premium steel wool to tackle the toughest kitchenware messes. Bring them back to new; Get your pots, pans and dishes to their original shine | LONG LASTING | Brillo products are built to stand the test of time! Make sure to get the most out of your cleaning products while effectively removing baked on stains | BRILLO CLEAN | After more than 100 years, Brillo is still the go-to for kitchenware and home cleaning. When getting a spotless clean is your mission, Brillo is your perfect partner | LEMONY SCENT | Fresh lemon scent enhances the clean of you dishes and cookware. Get that citrus aroma with every scrub | VALUE PACK | Best value overall, depending on any pack you purchaseBrillo Steel Wool Soap Pads 10ct pack (Lemon, 3) UsedLikeNew

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