Bundaloo Baby Splash Pad for Toddlers - Inflatable Mat with Sprinklers, Attaches to Most Garden Hoses - Summer Fun Outdoor Kiddie Wading Pool

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Is your toddler still using ordinary garden sprinklers for splashing around? Toddlers never get tired of playing in water especially during the warmer months, which is why your garden sprinklers have always been a great substitute for inflatable pools. The only problem is your little tyke tends to slip and slide on the grass from time to time, causing his knees to bruise. The last thing you want is a bruised baby from all the splashing and running in the yard, so you’re now looking for a sprinkler toy that’s safe for your baby’s delicate knees and arms. We have the answer! The Bundaloo Baby Sprinkle Splash Pad is large, easy to use, and incredibly safe for playful toddlers! An easy alternative to local swimming pools, our splash pad is fun, easy to set up, and requires little supervision to enjoy. It helps your darling angel cool down, get his much-needed exercise, and observe and experiment. With some water play, this sprinkle pad provides a rich sensory experience for growing baby. Your tyke gets to experiment with the physics of water, so he learns as he plays. Plus, he gets to stay cool on a hot, summer day! Invite some little kids over and let your angel enjoy jumping and splashing around! By interacting with fellow toddlers, your baby creates confidence, develops emotional skills, and improves his motor skills. Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice: ? The mat attaches easily to most standard-sized garden hoses ? Easy to carry and store ? Made of strong, non-toxic materials Provide your young one with non-stop water fun. Add Bundaloo Baby Sprinkle Splash Pad to your cart TODAY!

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