Bundaloo Basket of Babies with Realistic Giggling Sounds - Soft Baby Doll Set with Plush Carrier - 3 Multicultural Baby Dolls with Detachable Dresses - Toddler Doll Bundle for Boys & Girls of All Ages

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On the lookout for an adorable set of dolls for your kids? Dolls are among the most popular toys for kids, and it’s no surprise why. These soft plushies widen the imagination of our little ones, encouraging them to create their own world where their dolls are their first playmates. It’s a fun and exciting time for any toddler. But since they're so popular, it’s important that the dolls our children play with can also help them develop empathy, learn social skills, and boost their mental ability. Introduce your babies to their next best friend with the Bundaloo Basket of Babies! Teach your little ones to be more nurturing with a set of culturally diverse dolls that they’ll love! Measuring 10”x4” each, our plushies are easy to hold so your babies can squeeze and hug them when they want. They can use these playthings for role-playing, which then helps boost their creativity and communication skills. The colorful clothing of the dolls are also removable so your toddlers can dress and undress their dolls when playing. Doing so will help develop their fine motor skills and dexterity. The dresses also have matching colors with their hats, so your babies can pair the clothing with the right hat color! More than the three adorable dolls, our bundle also comes with a soft 12”x10” basket. Your little ones can put all their toys inside the carrier and bring it with them during playtime, to daycare, or when traveling! This basket also functions as a storage case when your toddlers are done playing with their plushies. Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should get this toy set! - Perfect for kids of all ages - Easy to clean and store - Safe for your toddlers to play with - Fantastic gift idea for boys and girls Get your kids dolls that they will enjoy playing with. Add the Bundaloo Basket of Babies to your cart TODAY!
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