Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game Contest - Fun Carnival Game and Outdoor Party Toy for Kids - Inflatable Pond, 2 Rope Fishing Poles With Hooks, 6 Floating Ducks

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Looking for a fun, exciting, and wholesome game that will keep your kids busy? In today's modern time, toddlers and kids usually spend a lot of time with their eyes glued on smartphones, tablets, or handheld gaming devices. While there is nothing wrong with using these gadgets, excessive screen time can cause poor sleep quality, unhealthy weight gain, or vision problems - just to mention a few. If you are looking for a wholesome and enjoyable game that your kids can play anytime, this duck catching game is the perfect choice. Enjoy a thrilling carnival game of duck-fishing with the Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game. This duck fishing game is meant to be played by 2 players, each one with a rod in hand and trying to catch the most ducks to win. Try to hook the ducks through the loop using the fishing rod and pull them out of the water - whoever catches the most ducks, wins the game. Make bath time more fun and exciting with these ducks. Place the floating ducks in your baby's bathtub and try to catch them together with your little one. This duck fishing game is safe for kids of all ages as it does not have any jagged, pointy, or sharp edges that can harm your child. Need more time to make up your mind? Check out more features of this duck fishing game right here: ?? Deflate the pond and bring it anywhere ?? Ideal game for preschoolers and toddlers ?? Sets up in minutes ?? Brightly colored ducks, pond, and rods ?? Suitable for young boys and girls Catching cute ducks with your kids has never been this fun. Add the Bundaloo Duck Fishing Game to your cart TODAY!
  • ?? MULTIPLE WAYS TO ENJOY - It’s time to catch those ducks, whether with the kids at the carnival o

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