Bundaloo Rocket Ship Sprinkler for Kids Inflatable Water Sprinkler Toy for Yard with Universal Garden Hose Connection

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Can’t get your kids to play outdoors when its scorching hot?We often encourage our kids to play outdoors when the weather is nice. But sometimes, it can get too hot or humid in the middle of the day, making it exhausting to run around, play catch, or do any fun outdoor activity.When heat strikes, children choose to stay indoors, playing games on their tablets incessantly. Even for just an hour or two, you would like to get your kids off the couch, away from their devices, and out into the sun to play, but how?The Bundaloo Inflatable Rocketship Sprinkler keeps your kids cool and refreshed while playing under the sun!Nothing beats the summer heat better than refreshing water. This is why our inflatable rocketship sprinkler is such a big hit with kids. It can be used by 3 to 4 toddlers at the same time, allowing them to laugh, jump, chase each other, and even socialize while getting soaked.This rocketship toy will instantly transport your kids and their friends to a whole new fun kinf of space. It will encourage pretend play and spark imagination, allowing your kids to become anyone they want to be.Can’t think of a great gift for young boys and girls? Our inflatable rocket sprinkler comes in a nice box that’s ready for gifting. It makes a thoughtful birthday, holiday, and end-of-school present.Still not convinced? Here are additional reasons to help you make the right choice: ?? Can be used as a photo prop?? Makes a great party centerpiece?? Has Double Sprinklers?? Comes with 4 stakes to secure to the ground?? Safe for children Don’t let the heat stop your kids from playing outdoors. Add the Bundaloo Inflatable Roscketship Sprinkler to your cart TODAY!
  • ?? DOUBLE SPRINKLER FUN - Toddlers age 3 and up will enjoy non-stop splashing under the sun with th

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