Luxury Thermal Cotton Blankets, King Size - 100% Soft Cotton Throw Blankets for Bed or Couch - 405GSM Breathable All Season Blanket in Chevron Weave f

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Enjoy a Hotel Experience in the Comfort of your Home with White Classic Premium Cotton Blankets! Indulge with the best luxury as White Classic brings your snuggling game to the next level. With its 100% Cotton Blankets, you can get the same deluxe experience you get from five-star hotels. Each Blanket is intricately woven to deliver top-notch quality that is comparable to leading brands - but at a much more reasonable price! Check this out: White Classic Thermal Blankets Our Thermal Cotton Blankets offer the perfect warmth and comfort that you need in every season - freezing winter or hot summer! At only 2lbs weight, this is significantly ideal for all seasons as it is not too heavy or too lightweight - just the right amount to keep you cozy in your bed or couch. What Makes our Blankets Different Our Premium Cotton Blankets feature breathable and decorative chevron weave. This is an open-cell type of weave that promotes proper air circulation so that you will not feel overheated or suffocated. In extreme winters, you could just place a flat sheet atop it to make it even warmer. Plus, it is closely woven. Meaning; they are super durable and capable of resisting a great deal of wear and tear. This feature also helps retain the original shape even after multiple wash cycles. Thus, it gives you a reliable blanket that you can use for more years to come - economical! These Blankets are available in Twin, Queen, and King sizes. Choose your ideal color from white, pink, light blue, teal, beige, sage green, and dark grey. Features:100% Pure CottonPremium Chevron Weave405GSM ThicknessWide Side SelvagesVersatile Blanket for Bed or CouchMachine Washable Care Instructions: These blankets are super easy to maintain as they can be machine washed or hand washed depending on your preference.


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