CANDWAX Candle Set of 3 Round Candles Ball 3 Inch - Perfect Candle Decor as Wedding Decoration and Red Candles for Christmas - Unscented Shaped Candles Long Burning - Bordeaux Candles

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Set Info: This package includes 3 ball candles   Candles have long been an attribute of everyday life and comfort. And today they are a symbol of privacy. Candwax manufacture is located in the 18th-century building. We believe, that this is a way to preserve the traditions of the past while adding the trends of the present. Candwax colored candles will be a real discovery for you. We know for sure that our candles are of the highest quality that’s why they are sold all over the world. This candle set will surely catch your eye. PRODUCT FEATURES: *high quality paraffin *100% cotton wick *dimensions: 3x3 inch *sets of 3 *regular texture *impressive burn time 40 hours *huge number of colors for each need Candwax Candle Life hacks - use the candle snuffer to dip candles - place the candle on a flat surface to avoid wax dripping - keep the candle away from the fan or open window, as the wind makes the candles smoke and drip - stop burning when 1/2 inch of wax remains Take care of your inner fire and Candwax will take care of the lighting!

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