Homeries Shopping Cart Cover for Babies & Toddlers - High Chair Seat Cover for Restaurants & Homes - with 2 Toys Attached - for Boys & Girls

Sale price$25.00


Cart cover for shopping cart is made from cotton Shopping cart cover comes attached with two toys attached Shopping cart cover comes with a leash for mom This shopping cart cover is crafted from 100% cotton for required durability and long-lasting use. Cotton also makes this cover soft and comfortable for your little one. He/she will sit for a long time without any feeling of discomfort. Your child will never get bored in this because it has two toys attached on the sides, including a teether toy. Your child can play with it and these toys work great if your little one has lost his toy in the supermarket and is getting cranky. Make sure your child is always near to you. You can tie the leash on your hand and shop with complete peace of mind, knowing that your child is completely safe and secure. This also ensures that the shopping cart and the baby are always in reach.


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