Children of Design Electric Baby Bouncer for Babies, Newborns and Infants, Portable Baby Swing and Rocker seat with Music and Natural Sway and Vibrati

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The Children of Design Baby Bouncer was created to soothe and support baby while giving parent?s hands a break. The soft and cozy chair safely provides the natural bounce and swaying motion that soothes newborns and babies. The bouncer allows parents to turn on the motion setting or let baby?s movements naturally sway the chair. The bouncer also comes with built in music to provide soothing lullabies, nature sounds, or white noise. A remote control gives parents the power to change the music or volume from across the room. For the infant?s comfort, the chair easily adjusts to two different positions. For convenience, it can be laid flat to easily transport from room-to-room or to take on the go! The Children of Design was designed for children up to 6 months to provide them with the proper head, neck, and back support. It is CPSC certified and meets all ASTM safety standards.

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