Coolife Ingrown Hair Remover, Razor Bumps Keratosis Pilaris KP Repair Brush, After Shave or Wax Exfoliator for Face, Bikini, Legs, Arms - Fascia, Cellulite Blast Massager Tool for Men and Women

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This ingrown hair brush is designed for both genders. It can be perfectly used on face, neck, armpits, legs and bikini areas. With this small brush, you can massage the ingrown hair areas or unsightly razor bumps where you feel uncomfortable. It can also be used to massage your body for improving the health of the skin. If you are looking for a simple but effective way to improve your appearance, this brush will meet all your needs. Use at least once daily. Frequency is subjective based upon personal preference and comfort level.
  • Made of ABS and silicone material; Suitable for both men and women | Multifunctional; Helps remove ingrown hair and repair razor bumps; Works as a body massager as well | Easy to use; Should be gently brushed in small circular motion on the target area; Perfect for face, neck, armpit, legs and bikini area | Easy to clean; Detachable design; A flat solid tool should be used to open it between the cracks | Easy to grip; Compact and ergonomic design; Features a handle at the back; Fits between your fingers tightly even when wet

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