Digital Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer with Color-Changing Backlit Screen, Model IR 988, for Adults and Children, Fast and Accurate Readings

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The Non-contact Infrared Thermometer IR 988 provides accurate and rapid temperature readings without any physical contact. Simply scan the patient's forehead and receive an instantaneous temperature result in less than two seconds. The thermometer features a large, color-changing backlit screen that visually reflects the severity of your temperature. It also offers a built-in smart chip, and an alarm that sounds when the temperature indicates a high fever. Utilize this product in your community, institution, business or home for convenient, one-handed temperature readings. Its measuring distance is 2cm to 5cm away from the forehead. The thermometer holds 32 units of memory. Its measuring range for the body is 94.1°F – 108.5°F, and for an object 32°F - 199.4°F. The maximum allowable error is 94.1°F – 108.5°F. The product measures 150 mm x 96 mm x 44 mm, and weighs 123 g. The green zone is 89.6°F – 99.3°F, orange zone is 99.4°F – 100.2°F and red zone is 100.4°F – 109.2°F. The power supply is DC.3V (AA*2), and batteries are not included.


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