Thermometer, Digital Medical Thermometer for Baby Children and Adult Termometro - Fever Thermometer for Fever Accurate and Fast Readings - Oral and Re

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Zalik Digital Family Thermometer Last Memory Recall Feature Zalik Digital Family Thermometer High Accuracy Feature Zalik Digital Family Thermometer Switchable Feature Intelligent Functioning Our Digital thermometer (medical) has smart features like LCD screen with backlight for trouble-free viewing, clever fever alert beeping, auto-shutdown, memory function that keeps a record of the last reading. High Accuracy Choosing a good thermometer for your family can be a very daunting task — thanks to the advanced technology of our best digital medical thermometer, you can get highly accurate readings in just 60 seconds! CUTTING EDGE ALGORITHM helps the digital thermometer’s OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE. ℃/℉ Switchable A thermometer that has it all. Easily switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. Records temperature ultra-fast without making you wait for long! Fahrenheit, by default. Zalik Digital Family Thermometer Soft Beep Reminder Feature Zalik Digital Family Thermometer Hygienic and Safe Zalik Digital Family Thermometer Gift For Loved Ones Beep Alarm Auto-shutdown feature and fever beep alarm for handy usage. Hygienic & Safe Designed with a SPECIALIZED flexible tip, our digital medical thermometer for detecting fever fits easily under the tongue, armpit or rectum without poking or hurting the skin — suitable to be used as an adult and baby thermometer! The Perfect Gift Makes just the PERFECT GIFT to all loved ones for all festive and non-festive occasions.


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