Adjustable Face Mask Holder-Lanyard Strap Hanger with Hooks-Set of 5-Coloful Design, Ear Saver, Reusable Elastic Extender-Comfortable Facemask Wear, E

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Stay Protected And Take All Ear-Discomfort Out Of Mask Wearing Beautify Beauties Lanyard Mask Holder Set The Beautify Beauties facemask extender helps you keep your mask comfortably on for prolonged times, and prevents you from losing your reusable face covers. Additionally, it alleviates ear-loop pressure, skin chafing and ear discomfort-making masks easy to wear. How does it Work? Simply attach the ends of our extender to your mask’s ear loops and adjust the buckle to find the sweet-spot of comfort, until you feel the ear-loops no more. Works with any mask type- disposable or reusable- and for any size head. No More Where Did it Go? Keep your mask always available on your person, hung on the rear-view mirror, or hang it on any hook in the most frequently visited premises- away from dirty pockets, bags or table surfaces. Why Use the Beautify Beauties Face Mask Holder? ✅ No skin chafing ✅ No discomfort-adjustable buckle for perfect fit ✅ Prevents mask loss & unnecessary littering ✅ Prevents contamination of masks ✅ Universal compatibility-works with any mask that has ear loops ✅ Is highly reusable & mighty durable-perfect for everyday use ✅ Is lightweight & colorful ✅ Comes in multiple colors and value-packed sets of 5 Our mask extenders make life easier for: Teachers, Students, Catering Staff, Servers, Baristas, Bartenders, Waiters, Waitresses, Café Staff, School Cafeteria Staff, Taxi Drivers, Cashiers, Nurses, Doctors, Medical Staff, Office Workers, Tattoo Artists & More. Each Purchase Comes With an EXTRA Silicone Holder for a Hand Sanitizer Don’t Risk it- Stay Safe & Do Away with Discomfort by Clicking Add to Cart!


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