Bagel Slicer, Perfect for Bagels, Bagel Cutter Stainless Steel (White)

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Material: stainless steel, plastic Dimensions: 17.5x9.5x22.5 cm / 6.8x3.7x8.8 inches Color: White Weight: 0.59kg/1.3lbs The bagel slicer is quick and clean to use. It uses little force, simply pushes the tapered blade onto the bagel, and thanks to the precise design, the bagel slicer will produce minimal shredding when slicing. Unlike a bread knife that needs to be moved forward and backward, the bagel slicer will slice cleanly and has an access slot for easy bagel removal. Usage steps: 1. Grasp the top of the handle with one hand and the base with the other, and remove the handle portion of the bagel slicer from the base. 2. Place the bagels on the base. Then place the handle blade face down on the base. After placing the blade portion of the handle straight on the base, push down until the blade of the handle touches the base. 3. Hold the base with one hand and the handle with the other, and take out the cut bagel. Why choose us? 1. The bagel slicer is equipped with safety guards and a comfortable handle for precise cuts with fingers away from the blade. 2. No more clutching bagels and risking slices. For all types of bagels, this stand unit holds the bread perfectly. There are safety guards on both sides to protect your hands. 3. The bagel slicer produces minimal crumbs when slicing. Unlike bread knives that need to go back and forth, a bagel slicer cuts cleanly the first time. The simple yet effective design catches any debris, making it easy to clean up any dirt that is created. 4. EASY TO CLEAN, DISHWASHER SAFE The slicer is easy to clean, just slide the cutter off the base and wash it by hand or put it in the dishwasher. Recommendations Never slice frozen or stale bagels, as they will dull the blade. Slice before freezing bagels, or thaw frozen bagels before slicing. Hot, wet, or "sticky" bagels may be squashed or flattened during slicing; allow bagels to cool before

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