Homeries Marble Cutting Pastry Board (20 x 16 Inches) - Marble Serving Tray for Cheese, Pastries, Bread - Large White Fancy Marble Slab for Cake Displ

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This Homeries board is made from 100% pure marble stone. This is a heavy stone that ensures the board will not keep shifting around during use. This makes it ideal to be used as a chopping board for all sorts of foods such as an entire Thanksgiving turkey! And you don’t even have to worry about knife grooves in the board as it’s made of solid stone! The best part about this white marble cutting board is that it can also double up as a serving tray! Again, here the weight and solidity of the stone work in your favor as you can use this board to serve up anything from breads, cheeses, pastries, and even entire cakes! This pastry serving tray will also make your creations look especially irresistible on a white tray as this will help bring out the various colors of the food. Additionally, as this is a stone board, you do not have to worry about food juices slipping through into the board itself, thereby increasing the board’s longevity. These various uses of the marble cheese board make it a good value for your money and ensure that you will always find a use for it. It is a multipurpose tool that will last you for years to come and also looks stylish. Also, as natural stones come with their own characteristics, essentially each serving board is unique! Features: Made of 100% pure marble stone Cutting board Serving board Measures 20” x 16” Rectangular shape Non-slip rubber feet to prevent scratches Heavy-weight stone Unique appearance Can also be used to roll dough Package Includes: 1 x Homeries Marble Board

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