Acrylic Cake Stand with Dome Cover (6 in 1) Multi-Functional Serving Platter and Cake Plate - Use as Cake Holder, Salad Bowl, Platter, Punch Bowl, Des

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Homeries has the solution that have been looking for your party struggles!Save yourself space in your kitchen cabinet or counter while getting rid of 6 bulky trays and standsand replace it with this multipurpose tray that serves cakes, appetizers, desserts and everything in between!6 in 1 Multipurpose Serving Dish Highlights:? CAKE STAND - The pedestal cake platter comes with a cover that can be used for both serving and keeping baked goods fresh.Keep those brownies, cakes, pastries, strudels, cookies and fresher for longer.? DESSERT PLATTER - Serve up your favorite baked goods on this acrylic platter.Use the sectional plate or turn it over for a solid serving platter.? PUNCH BOWL - This cake dome can also function as a punch bowl or cocktail holder.Use the attached sectional dish for a variety of fruit garnishes, lime slices, melon balls or candies.? SALAD BOWL - To serve a fresh crunchy salad, simply flip over the dome and attach to sectional dish for a serving bowl with attached 4 section tray base.Perfect for salads and crackers, croutons or nuts. Create your own mini salad bar.? CHIP AND DIP SERVER - Discard the domed lid. Invert the sectional tray for a chip n dip serving tray.Serve some nachos and salsa, carrot sticks and humus, or cookie dough dip for those with a sweet tooth.? CONDIMENT DISH - Serve everyone their favorited dips and dressings.Thousand island, tahini, hummus, Mexican salsa, garlic mayo can all fit into the sectional tray.Throw a Party with Class and Style!This cake tray, punch bowl serving platter is totally awesome for when throwing a last-minute party.Even if you don't have much time on hand everything will look super fancy in this bowl or tray.It can be flipped/ inverted and used for serving almost any type of food!Size: Approximately 12 inches in diameter

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