Homeries Lazy Susan Turntable (12 Inches) - Single Round Rotating Kitchen Spice Organizer for Cabinets, Pantry, Bathroom, Refrigerator - Non-Skid Surf

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Are you looking for an easy way to organize your kitchen items? Or your refrigerator items? Looking for a way to maximize your limited space and ensure that everything is always reachable? Then this Homeries Lazy Susan Turntable is perfect for you! This Lazy Susan cabinet organizer is 12” in diameter which helps you maximize limited and small spaces. This is ideal for small kitchen cabinets or your kitchen pantry. This turntable is round in shape and can even be used on your countertop or tabletop to store spices and various other miscellaneous items. You can even use this Lazy Susan spice rack organizer in your refrigerator or even your bathroom! Plus, this turntable, as the name suggests, turns and revolves so that you can always reach whatever item you need to. This also helps ensure that all the items you buy get used, thus helping you use money wisely. This Lazy Susan for refrigerator comes with a rimmed edge and a non-skid surface specifically designed to ensure that items do not fall off while you’re turning the storage organizer. This helps prevent accidents and also makes the turntable easy to clean. We ensure that this pantry Lazy Susan organizer will last you for years to come! Features: Lazy Susan turntable 12” diameter Round shape Non-skid surface Rimmed edge to ensure items don’t fall off Organizer for kitchen, pantry, bathroom, refrigerator Revolving storage organizer Made of durable material Easy to clean Package Includes: 3 x Homeries Lazy Susan Turntable

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