Dobar 100 Ultra-Brite Clear White Lights with White Wire - Set of 100, Indoor/Outdoor, Free Shipping

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Holiday Essentials Ultra-Brite 100 Count Clear White Bulb Light String Set with White Wire. UL Listed - Conforms to 2016 UL Standards. Safe for Indoor & Outdoor Use - 120 Volt. This Light Set consists of 2 independent circuits of 50 lights. Each circuit can be made to steady burn or flashing mode by replacing a regular bulb with a Red Tip Flashing Bulb (2 Red Tip Flashing Bulbs are included with this set). Total Length of Light String: 20 Feet. Lighted Length: 18.56 Feet. Spacing at the ends: 3.5" end on female adapter - 12" end on male adapter. If one bulb burns out the rest will remain lit. Fuse-protected, end-to-end connector allows up to 5 sets to be connected together in a continuous strand. Use these white mini lights for weddings, garden parties, patio events, bedroom, dorm, office, kitchen, around windows, on white trees, and many more applications!
  • 100 Ultra-Brite Clear White Mini Bulbs String Light Set with White Wire - Steady Burn & Flashing Modes | 2016 UL Certified - For Indoor & Outdoor Use | End to End Connectors - 5 Sets Of Light Strings Can Be Connected Together | If 1 bulb burns out, the rest remain lit. - Includes 2 Flasher Bulbs, 2 Replacement Regular Bulbs, & 1 Replacement Fuse | Lighted Length: 18.56 Feet - Total Length: 20 Feet - 2.5" Spacing between Bulbs

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