Dreamgirl Red Riding Hood Costume - Women's Medium - Free Shipping & Returns

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We’re the ones who never believed that dress up had to stop once you became an adult. For us this is where the fun starts. We’re Dreamgirl where no fantasy is too far out of reach and every moment is yours to live out however you want. With deliciously designed costumes and accessories and a collection of both playful and everyday wigs, our goal is to keep your world fun, unexpected and all your own. We create designs that beg the question, ‘who do you want to be today?’. Our men’s and women’s costumes give you the power to become someone new, whether it’s tapping into an exotic fantasy as a haram princess, transforming into a real life princess or prince charming, going all out or becoming the sexiest version of the everyday girl with accessories. With looks that virtually have no limit, everyone from the girl or guy who’s always ready to dive into a cosplay situation or the one who wants to standout at the costume party.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Dreamgirl Costumes are constructed of the highest quality materials. Be ready to d

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