Dysmio 27W Compact Fluorescent Home Bulbs - 6500K Daylight - GX10Q-4 Base - 2-Pack

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Dysmio Compact Fluorescent 27W Quad Tube, 6500K Daylight Light FML Light Bulbs with GX10Q-4 Base - 2 Pack
  • ENERGY SAVING: Consuming just 27 Watts of power the Light bulb emits light of brightness 1500 lumens. The replacement light bulb is approximately equivalent to 100-Watt incandescent bulbs. The low power consumption helps reduce the energy bill and makes the product an economically wise choice as well. | COMFORTABLE FOR EYES: The Light bulbs come in a CRI of 80. Not too harsh, the light can be used in multiple spaces thanks to the crisp color rendering index used. Perfect to be used in a setting where a Large Dome of light is proposed. | LONG LIFE: The Average life on an Incandescent is estima

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