HUGH UGOLI Women's Bamboo Ankle Loose Fit Diabetic Socks, Soft, Seamless Toe, Wide Stretchy, Non-Binding Top, 3 Pairs, White, Shoe Size: 6-9

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WHY HUGH UGOLI?The ambition of Hugh Ugoli is not only to bring the best quality socks to our customers but also to make them happy every step of their way, to see them happy with each foot of the steps. In order to achieve these goals, we make all our effort to get Turkish textile quality and aesthetics to our valued customers' feet by bringing together design experts and the latest technology knitting machines.BENEFITS OF BAMBOO SOCKS:1. Through its good air permeability, bamboo regulates foot temperature, keeping your feet cool in summer and warm in winter.2. Prevents moisture, keeps feet dry and comfortable thanks to its super absorbent fibers.3. Ideal for sensitive skin, caress the feet and prevent irritation.4. Much softer than cotton or wool socks, feels more like high-quality silk or cashmere.5. Flexible, comfortable (recommended for diabetics), and has an odor-free feature.DIABETIC SOCKS FOR HEALTHY BLOOD CIRCULATION:These excellent women's diabetic ankle socks offer a combination of quality, comfort and style. They are highly recommended for people with pregnancy, diabetes, edema, swollen ankle, and neuropathy caused by circulatory problems. Its loose-fit top will allow blood to flow unimpeded, boosting blood circulation.QUALITY MATERIALS:Hugh Ugoli bamboo socks have been designed for the USA and manufactured in Turkey which is one of the top 5 textile manufacturers in the world. They are made of 80% Bamboo, 17% Polyamide 3% Elastane (Polyester Free). Suitable for women US shoe size 6 to 12, lightweight and versatile enough for any occasion.YOUR HAPPINESS REALLY MATTERS TO US:Hugh Ugoli brings the quality to your feet. if any inconvenience, please contact us as soon as possible, NO QUESTION, we'll do our best and make you happy. Your happiness really matters to us and your satisfaction is our encouragement to chase high-quality products.


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