Thermwell #HD5 10-14" Adjustable Heat Deflector - Pack of 2

Sale price$20.00 USD


Thermwell's HD5 10 Heat/Cold Deflector is the perfect way to keep your plants from drying out, as well as anyone who has to sit directly near the vent from roasting needlessly! This non invasive deflector is used as an attachment to a central heating and cooling system. Simply attach to the air duct and it will redirect the flow of hot or cold air! It is made of heavy duty clear plastic and is held in place with magnets. Great for all vents 10-14 wide in all locations, floor, wall or ceiling. Never sit there shivering in the middle of summer again because your co-workers like the A/C set at a lower temperature than you or roasting when everyone else is drinking hot chocolate.... moderation is key, especially in temperature, and with this simple accessory, its achievable! Includes (2) Vents.

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