High-Pressure Shower Head & 15 Stage Filtered Shower Head System Combo, Vitamin Infused Filtering System to Soften Water, Remove Chlorine, Heavy Metal

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Enjoy pure, nourishing shower water that restores & rejuvenates from the tips of your hair to the tips of your toes.PRODUCT FEATURES:15 Stage Water FilterPurifies and Softens WaterEasy Tool-Free InstallationFits Most Standard Shower TypesChrome,Cartridge Lasts Up to 6 Months15 STAGE PURIFICATION SYSTEMStage 1 : Ultra-fine stainless mesh prevents medium size sediments from entering filter.Stage 2 : Porous PP cotton traps small sediments, dust and other particles.Stage 3 : High-density further filters out small particles.Stage 4 : Alkaline ceramic balls raise water pH and release mineralStage 5 : Maifan stone absorbs soluble while releasing and raising pH.Stage 6 : KDF 55 reduces and inhibits growth of in the filter.Stage 7 : Micro-porous balls are rich in silver ions which deter bacterial growth.Stage 8 : Balls release immune-boosting that is easily absorbed by the body.Stage 9 : All-natural coconut activated carbon removes and volatile organic compounds from water.Stage 10 : Germanium balls increase negative and boost water oxygen levels.Stage 11 : Calcium sulfite de-chlorination balls remove and remediate water.Stage 12 : balls infuse water with oxygen to nourish skin, hair and nails.Stage 13 : Ultra-fine mesh removes any lingering -Stage 14 : porous PP catches anything that might have still made it through.Stage 15 : High-density mesh provides a final line of defense against

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