Focus Camera 55mm 3-Piece UV, CPL, FLD Lens Filter Kit

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This Focus Camera 3-Piece Lens Filter Kit is a must have for anyone who wants to improve their photography. Specially designed to fit a 55mm thread, this lens filter kit comes with one ultraviolet protective filter (UV), one circular polarizer filter (CPL) and one fluorescent filter (FLD). Features To ensure excellent performance, each filter is made from high quality glass, multi-coated and heat treated to prevent distortion. The UV filter sharpens image contrast and can be left on the lens permanently to protect your investment from accidental damage. Use the CPL filter to eliminate reflections from glass and water or the FLD filter to improve the natural tones when taking pictures under fluorescent lighting.With the Focus Camera 3-Piece Filter Kit, you can modify the light source of virtually any environment to capture the best image results possible. Get the most out of your every day, portrait or landscape photography with this essential lens filter kit from Focus Camera.


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