BOLSIUS White Candlesticks Bulk Pack 50 Count - Unscented Dripless 11.5 Inch Household & Dinner Candle Set - 12+ Burn Hours - Premium European Quality

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Bolsius Unscented Long Candle Box of 50 - 12 Burning Hours of Dripless CandlesticksSince 1870, Bolsius is a brand commercially known for premium-quality candles and household illumination accessories. Our long candle sticks serve wonderfully at wedding functions, Christmas parties, festivals to have an eye-catching effect. You can purchase bulk emergency candles and keep it in stock which can be used anywhere anytime. The unscented wax from our dripless candle produces a clean and even flame which lasts longer. Not just our candles long lasting, they burn continuously and consistently; you will not require to ignite them in between.Bolsius straight household candles feature:◘ 12 long burning hours◘ 1-inch thickness, 11.5-inch height◘ Dripless slow-burning◘ Clean and smooth flameWe, at Bolsius, believe in delivering the best-quality product and after-sale services. Feel free to contact us regarding anything, and we are here to answer your queries. Make sure to check out our entire catalog for a variety of candles like pillar candles, taper candles, Shabbat candles, floating candles, tealight candles to bring the light to your home.

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