Fire Truck Motorized with Lights, Siren Sound, Working Water Pump and Rotating Rescue Ladder- Electric, Motorized, Big Fun Size 15", Realistic Design- for Toddlers, Kids Aged 3+ Years Old

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Fire Brigade to the Rescue! The Vebo big red fire truck is here to make play pretend as exciting & educating as it can be! Why Kids Love the Vebo Rescue Fire Truck? ✅ It’s big, with bright red color & realistically modeled after actual rescue trucks ✅ It’s motorized- simply push one button and the truck will drive itself ✅ It has realistic sounds of sirens & sound effects ✅ It has a working water pump that can spray water ✅ It has a rotating rescue ladder ✅ It’s durable for both indoors and outdoors sandbox play Not Another Toy That Gets Boring After a Week Enhance your children’s playtime with a toy that keeps giving and is virtually impossible to get bored of- with all its amazing features, your kids will keep coming up with new scenarios that require new solutions! Discover the perfect choice for any kid, aged 3 years and older. 🏆 Electrically Powered The motorized fire truck features a button that once pushed enables our truck to go on its own- this adds a touch of magic to the eyes of a toddler & makes it way more interesting and fun compared to regular car toys. 🏆 Water Pump Let your kids fight and extinguish imaginary fires with the working water pump of our truck that can spray water like a real fire truck would. 🏆 Rescue Ladder Able to rotate at 360 Degrees, the ladder helps develop fine motor skills as well as teach the importance of helping others! Click Add to Cart & See How You Kids React When The Situation Calls for a Hero!
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