Woodrow Wear, Power Paws Greyhound Edition Advanced, Black/Grey, XS, fits 7-15 lbs.

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Power Paws are a sensible, sock based traction solution. They are made of cotton and elastic for comfort, fit and adaptability. Indoors, Power Paws can be used for mobility issues, arthritis or hip dysplasia, plus wound care, protecting hardwood floors, and of course fashion! Outdoors, they are a year ‘round solution for heat, snow, and allergens. Original Power Paws are perfect for more than 90% of dogs. They work indoors or outdoors. Power Paws Advanced offer a reinforced toe that is useful for long nails and neurological issues. And Power Paws Reinforced Foot offer a reinforced whole foot for longer wear in rugged outdoor uses. Foot shapes can be confusing. Most dogs wear the standard foot shape product. Greyhounds, Poodles, and all the hare-footed (long, skinny foot shape) breeds will find the Greyhound Edition products the perfect fit. Frequently, working and herding breeds have very different front and back paws, and they may require two sizes and/or two shapes.

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