SwimWays Power Swimr - Medium

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The SwimWays Power Swimr graduated swim training vest gives you everything you need to teach your child how to swim. The 9 inner flotation pads can be removed, one at a time, as your child's swimming ability improves. This creates the perfect environment for your child to learn to swim securely and quickly, and at their own pace. The adjustable elastic side cords and leg strap keep the Power Swimr secure while leaving your child's arms open. Hidden pockets make the removable flotation pads inaccessible during use - so parents have control. Medium size fits most children age 3-6 years and 35-55 pounds (15-25 kilograms). Sold individually. Colors and styles may vary. The SwimWays Power Swimr is part of the SwimWays Swim Steps learn to swim program. Swim Step 3 provides graduated support to kids during swim training, giving parents the tools their kids need to feel empowered in the water.

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