GiGi Mini Honee Warmer for Hair Removal/Waxing for 5 oz Wax cans

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GiGi 0201 Mini Honee Warmer, White, 5 Ounce Wax Warmer For All-Day UseGiGi 0201 Mini Honee Warmer - White is made with perfection and is great for everyday use. It comprises a user-friendly interface that makes it one of the best wax warmers of the time. Its smooth stainless steel surface, protective see-through cover and removable lids make it easy to clean, sanitize and improve functionality. The beautiful look of this warmer will add a nice touch to any salon or even at home!Warmer includes:(1) Mini Honee Warmer 5 oz(10) Wax Applicator(10)Small Cloth Strips(1) Clean Collar(1) Instruction ManualTop Pick Home Waxing WarmerGiGi; is the most trusted brand by the Professionals in hair waxing and removal. Its proudly made in the USA. You only have to pay for this warmer once, then you just have to use it together with the facial depilatory wax once you run out of. Its a pretty amazing complete hair removal warmer and can be used for facial hair removal.

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