MosJos 1-Gallon Drink Dispenser - Glass Beverage Dispenser - Wide Opening, Easy-Fill Farmhouse Mason Jar Dispenser for Parties, Outdoors, Sun Tea Jar,

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MosJos: Cold Drink One Gallon Drink DispenserForget a table full of plastic bottles or constant trips to the fridge to fill your cup. Full of vintage charm, easy to assemble, and effortless to maintain, this gallon drink dispenser is the easy way to have fast access to your delicious cold drinks. A sturdy glass body and a cute bail and trigger lid give this water jug dispenser an instant nostalgic feel without lacking modern functionality.The colorful lemon-themed base brightens up indoor and outdoor areas making whatever drinks you have prepared inside the dispenser even more inviting! The bail and trigger lid opens in seconds and closes securely. You can mix fruits, berries, and ice, or quickly add more drinks at a moment's notice with the convenient wide opening.Find out Why This Gallon Drink Dispenser Is Perfect for all Your Dispensary Needs: ✓ Charming Lemon-themed design: A zesty charm meets modern functionality. ✓ Bail and Trigger Lid: Fashioned for sturdiness and beauty, this lid gives you fast access inside your dispenser. ✓ Strong Glass Design: This juice dispenser gives you years of drink dispensary practicality. ✓ Versatile Large Dispenser: Fill this gallon-sized dispenser with an array of exciting drinks, including punch, sangria, lemonade, sun tea, water, and more! ✓ No More Leaks: A drop won't go to waste while pouring drinks. Party, Picnic, Barbecue, and Dinner Drink Pouring Made EasyAdd your drink of choice, garnish to your liking, add some ice for hot days, and all your drink serving worries will be over! This dispenser is the ideal choice for family picnics, outdoor gatherings, indoor parties, and dinner celebrations.

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