GoBroBrand Bubble Bumper Balls 2 pack of Inflatable Buddy hamster Bbop Ball set - Used also as Giga Sumo Wearable human zorb soccer Suits for outdoor play. Size: 36" For Kids & Adults of all ages

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Gobrobrand giant inflatable body bumper balls 36" - set of 2 The Gobrobrand giant inflatable body bumper balls 36" is awesome for sports, exercise, activity and game time. Can be enjoyed almost anywhere under the sky. It is created with safe and durable plastic which is soft enough to keep it lightweight. Perfect for children and adults alike.get yourself or your child moving. Enjoy some physical outdoor exercise and rev up the fun. It's a great way to bring on action at your party, at the beach, in your backyard with family and friends. Enjoy endless hours of fun outdoors by playing soccer, bumping balls, etc.

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