Bayer Corathon Insecticide Cattle Ear Tags

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Slate colored Corathon reg insecticide cattle ear tags with FyberTek reg can be used for both beef cattle and non lactating dairy cattle| Contains 50 organophosphate insecticide 25 more active ingredient than the Co Ral Plus reg Insecticide Cattle Ear Tag| Controls horn flies face flies Gulf Coast ticks and spinose ear ticks for up to five months| Controls pyrethroid resistant and chlorinated hydrocarbon resistant horn flies| Controls face flies the mechanical vector of Moraxella bovis the bacteria that causes pinkeye in cattle| Ideal in rotation with ear tags using pyrethroid chemistry| Utilizes the Allflex Universal Total Tagger| Effective for up to five months| Box with two 10 tag pouches 20 tags 0 5 oz/tag | 17911351|

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