Engine and Transmission Mount Set of 4 - Fits Honda Civic 2001-2005 1.7L with Automatic Trans - Replaces 50840-S5A-A81, 50840-S5A-990,50810-S5A-013, 5

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The engine motor and transmission mounts absorbs noise and vibrations from the engine and transmission while securing them in place. Having put through constant pressure, these mounts do not last forever and will need replacing after some time on your Honda Civic with the 1.7 Liter engine with an automatic transmission. If you are hearing clunks, weird noises and feel like the engine is bouncing during stops, sudden acceleration or even tight turns then the engine and transmission mounts may likely be the culprit. This set includes the front motor mount, front left motor mount, rear motor mount and the transmission mount. The engine and tranny mounts can easily be located inside the engine bay. It is advisable to replace with the whole kit while you are at it also to maintance balance and weight distribution.Fits the following vehicles: 2001 Honda Civic 1.7L2002 Honda Civic 1.7L2003 Honda Civic 1.7L2004 Honda Civic 1.7L2005 Honda Civic 1.7LReplaces part numbers: 50840-S5A-A81, 50840-S5A-990,50810-S5A-013, 50810-S5A-992, 50820-S5A-A04, 50820-S5A-A08, 50821-S5A-A07, 50820-S5A-006, 50820-S5A-007, 50805-S5A-033, A6595, A6588, A6591, A4511 This is a compatible replacement part manufactured by AA Ignition. This engine motor and transmission mount kit isNOT a genuine Honda part. Honda and their associdated vehicle models and part numbers are used in this listing only to identify the vehicles this engine and tranny mount kit fits.

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