H2O Capsule INSPO Gallon Water Bottle with Time Marker and Straw Motivational Hydration Tracker Jug Big BPA-Free Food-Safe Leakproof Drinking Bottle with Handle & Strap, Rocky Shore

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H2O CAPSULE INSPO GALLON WATER BOTTLE It’s time to upgrade the way you hydrate! Famous for being the FIRST and ONLY reusable water bottle that holds your stuff while YOU work out, the H2O Capsule is back with its new Inspo Collection gallon refillable water bottle! Available in a choice of inspo colors and designs with motivational quotes, the durable drinking jugs have a clear frosted body labeled with timed markers that measure a gallon fill, so you can track your water intake every 12 hours or simply measure how much you’ve already consumed, no math required! The inspirational hydration station keeps you on task every hour with clear measurement markers that remind you of your goal. Ideal for encouraging heavy duty hydration, the extra large capacity water jug has a grab handle and wrist strap for hands free carrying when the container’s empty. The 25” wide mouth leak proof lid is perfect for adding ice cubes or fruit, and we’ve added a straw with hygienic protective cover that flips open with a click of a button! The BPA free, food-safe plastic water bottle is completely odorless and is easy to clean (but not dishwasher safe) - a straw cleaner is included. - Measured Water Bottle with Timed Reminders - Gallon / Extra Large Capacity - Motivational Quote Markings to Keep You Going - Leak-Proof Lid with Straw and Straw Cleaner - Durable Handle AND Wrist Strap - 25” Wide Mouth for Ice Cubes or Fruits - BPA, BPS Free, Food Safe and Odorless - Available in Multiple Colors & Designs Motivate your way to your most hydrated self, and try Inspo-H2O Capsule today!

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