Bundaloo Infant Pool Splash Mat Inflatable with Backrest & Stackable Ring Toys | Summer Fun Activity for Baby Toddlers | Easy Setup

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Is your baby infant not old enough for bigger pools? Babies like to splash around, but most kiddie pools are too big for their tiny bodies. Never mind the ocean with its strong waves. Instead of enjoying a quick splash under the sun, your little one ends up watching bigger kids play instead. As much as you want your baby to go with the other kids to play, you just can’t risk it. Most kiddie pools need at least 3 inches of water--just about the height of your child from the waist up. This is risky for babies who are still learning how to sit and could tip over! With Bundaloo’s Splash Mat with Rings, you never have to worry about anything else but your little one’s enjoyment! We know that kids love to splash around most days of the year, which is why we have designed our product with extra durability to make sure it lasts a long time. No more flimsy, leaky water mats! It only requires an inch of water for your baby to have the time of his or her life! Simply fill with tap, pool or sea water and watch your young one enjoy hours of fun under the sun! With only an inch of water required, you know that the product is safe to use. And with rings for added fun, it also promotes creativity and imaginary play. The product also has a back rest of 8 inches tall and a diameter of 30 inches. Here are more reasons to love Bundaloo’s Splash Mat with Rings: ✅ Cool and colorful, will entertain your baby for hours ✅ Large and spacious ✅ Foldable and easy to store ✅ Easy to clean with soap and water ✅ Easy to set up ✅ More convenient and safer to use than portable kiddie pools Bundaloo is here for you! Your backed by a 6 month Warranty Make playtime under the sun fun for your little one. Add Bundaloo’s Splash Mat with Rings to your cart TODAY!


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