Bundaloo Cat Tunnel & Bed - Foldable, Portable for Indoor & Outdoor Activities - Lightweight, Durable Pet Accessories with Window, Dangling Pom Pom, W

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Got a pet cat that just can’t get enough playtime? It’s very important to give cats the proper space to play and relax whenever they want. Letting kitties play gives them an outlet for their predatory instincts. It also keeps them fit, especially if they're always at home. This also prevents any behavioral problems so that they do not become aggressive over time. One way you can provide hours of amusement for your feline companions is by giving them a toy or an accessory that will keep them intrigued and occupied. If you want your cats to stay active while giving them a place to rest, you’ve come to the right place! Keep your kittens moving with the Bundaloo Cat Tunnel & Bed! Allow your kitties to entertain themselves for hours with this fun and spacious piece of furniture. Our sturdy tunnel has three openings and gives your pet enough room to walk, jump, and hide. Each one also comes with a pom pom ball dangling in the middle, designed to entice your kittens to pounce, bite, or claw. It’ll keep them moving so they could exercise their muscles more! When your fur babies get tired, they can come out of their hole and snuggle in our round cushion. This soft fleece bed has a waterproof base so it stays dry and comfortable. More than that, each one can easily be attached to your tunnel's sides using its built-in toggle buttons. What's great about this tool is that you can fold it after playtime without a problem. Since it collapses into a compact and lightweight form, you can carry it or put it in your bag whenever you're traveling. This also makes for easy storage. More reasons your cat will love this toy: ✅ Suitable for other small pets like puppies, rabbits, or even ferrets ✅ No assembly required ✅ Well-ventilated Cats just wanna have fun. Add the Bundaloo Cat Tunnel & Bed to your cart TODAY!

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