Bundaloo Slam Dunk Basketball Hamper - Over The Door 2 in 1 Hanging Basketball Hoop Or Laundry Hamper Boys & Girls Room Decor - Fun Gift

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Can?t make your boys put their dirty laundry in the right place? Aren?t you tired of always telling your kids to put their dirty clothing in their respective laundry hamper baskets? After a long day of work and chores, the last thing you want to do is go upstairs and pick up all the clothes scattered everywhere. No matter how many times you ask your boys to be more proactive in helping you with chores, you get the same result. This calls for a change of game plan. Encourage your kids to keep their room tidy and clutter-free with the Bundaloo Slam Dunk Basketball Hamper! If you?re constantly nagging your boys to segregate and put their filthy clothes in the hamper, we?ve got the perfect solution to engage their playful and competitive spirit. Motivate your kids to finally do the simple chore! Our basketball laundry hamper for kids features a vibrant design and build. This storage bag for soiled garments will implore them to shoot their hearts out towards a cleaner and mess-free room. At the end of the day, simply untie the hamper?s drawstring to collect all the clothes into your laundry basket. You don?t have to scurry around looking for dirty clothing on the floor. Still not convinced? Here are more features to help you make a decision: ? Suitable for college teens in their dorms ? Made from durable mdf wood material, With metal rim ? Stable and wobble-free mounting ? Removable net size: 36? ? Fun design which makes it a conversation piece Let your kids be basketball superstars while helping you with the laundry. Add the Bundaloo Basketball Hamper to your cart TODAY!

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