Bundaloo Door Stopper Set - Pack of 4 Portable Black Flexible Jammer Wedges - Keeps Doors Open, No Sliding or Marking Floors or Carpets - Blocker for

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Looking for a quick and easy solution to slamming doors? Typical door stoppers are screwed onto the door, requiring you to drill holes and reducing the aesthetic value of your home. They also make contact with the adjacent wall, causing unsightly-looking scratches or dents. But you can?t do without a door stopper. It provides the convenience of not having to go through the hassle of opening and closing doors every time you enter and exit any room in your house. This can be a struggle especially if both your hands are holding heavy bags or boxes. Gain hassle-free access to your rooms with the Bundaloo Door Stopper Set. Our door stopper set is made of high quality flexible plastic and features grooves on its surface, which will help hold up heavy doors with ease. Just wedge them under any door to provide sturdy reinforcement. Please note that they are 1" tall so if the space under the door is larger, than you can double them up and place them back to back and gain up to 1.75" in height To keep the door in a fixed position, apply pressure on it once it hits the stopper. With the door propped open, you have an easier time moving heavy furniture in between rooms, or bringing several bags of groceries into your apartment. The stopper also lets your pets or kids find you anytime. These door stoppers work perfectly on any floor surface. They won't leave any marks or scratches, and won't require drilling or using strong adhesive material. The non-slip bottom keeps them tight and braced without sliding out of place. Need more time to make a decision? Check out more features of our door stoppers right here: ? Suitable for homes, schools, dorms, hotels, and offices ? High quality flexible plastic material ? Small, portable size Enter and exit your rooms without any hassle. Add the Bundaloo Door Stopper Set to your cart TODAY!

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