Hummingbird Feeder 16 oz [Set of 2] Plastic Hummingbird Feeders for Outdoors - Humming Bird Feeders - Circular Perch with 10 Feeding Ports - Wide Mouth for Easy Filling/2 Part Base for Easy Cleaning

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Description: First Nature Feeder: Attract your community beautiful hummingbirds with the First Nature Bird Feeder! The feeder?s bright red color entices hummingbirds to stop by and land on the perch to enjoy the nectar from any of the 10 feeding ports. How to Clean It: You?ll love how easy this product is to clean! Easy-fill wide-mouth jar reservoirs and the patented 2-part base makes the feeder quick and simple to take it apart for scrubbing and rinsing every nook and cranny. We advise that you clean out your feeder every 2 to 3 days with soapy water or white vinegar. - Stainless Steel Chain: Our bird feeder chains are made of heavy-duty iron with ultimate performance, weather, and rust-resistance that?s suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Their stylish black finish allows the feeder chain to complement and add embellishment to any garden area. The chain is 9.5 inches long and can be adjusted to be shorter using the included clips. Easily fasten the bird feeder to trees using the adjustable, easy-to-place and remove hooks. Holding capacity: 32 ounces. - Why We Love Hummingbirds: Hummingbirds are fascinating creatures! They?re tiny, colorful and feisty - what?s not to love? From the most knowledgeable birder watchers to those who simply love to admire them in their backyard, hummingbirds are known to bring a smile to everyone?s face. These attractive birds have a beautiful plumage and are unique in being the only birds with the capability to fly backwards, hover, and flap their wings at 200 beats per second; a truly fun bird to watch!
  • ATTRACTIVE FEEDER: 16 ounces of nectar in this bright red hummingbird feeder attract multitudes of hummingbirds to your backyard. 10 flower-shaped feeding ports and perches are arranged in a circular manner for several birds to feed simultaneously. Made in the USA.
  • LEAKPROOF RESERVOIR: The mouth of the reservoir tightly screws onto the base, effectively sealing the bird feeder. After filling the container and screwing it onto the base, flip it over; the feeder will not leak even while upside down.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Reservoirs and base made of hard plastic. The wide mouth ensures effortless cleaning and filling. The 2-part base easily twists apart for an effortlessly thorough cleaning job. Hand-wash only [Not dishwasher safe]
  • CLEAR RESERVOIR: The transparent exterior of the container allows you to monitor nectar levels so you always know when to refill. The wide mouth ensures simple filling and cleaning.
  • SECURE HANGING: No tools are required! The hummingbird feeder is slipped onto a tree with an s-shaped hook. Hang the feeder from a height of 5 feet above ground. enjoy watching the birdies flock.

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